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Writing through a changed reality

Tuesday 24th March

By now everybody’s life has been turned upside down, and we are feeling our way through the new normality.

We had one cancellation: a talk to the National Seniors of Wyong—due to have been today, a date which has been in the diary for about 6 months.

The good news: I have two different community writing activities in which we have managed a small measure of “life goes on”.

* Our Scribblers group which usually meets on a weekly basis to critique one another’s work, switched to electronic critiquing. Those of us who were able to, emailed each other what we would have brought and although we missed the company, reading and critiquing one another’s work gave us a sense of normality.

* The second move towards creating a bit of normality concerns our monthly meeting (on Saturday coming up) . Now, although Skype would not work for most of our members, they do all use email. One of the many activities we do at the monthly meeting is to have a writing prompt drawn out of a jar. We then write for 10 minutes and share our writing if we wish. On Saturday morning I will email a prompt and any members who wish to can set a timer for 10 minutes. Further along the line we can share by email if we wish and if enough people are happy with their short piece I will post it on the Wyong Writers website.

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