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The Joy of Jigsaws

The Covid elephant is shrinking. He trumpets at me every now and again to remind me he is here, but I am getting used to his sound and fury, and he allows me in my writing space for longer periods.

I have painfully unpicked the various pieces which make up my story. Four different subplots lay forlornly wondering where they will go. They are currently in a “holding pen”, while I examine the main story. I ask myself endless questions. Does the main storyline hold up on its own? I think it does. Next week I shall start to assemble the beginnings of each of the supporting plots and gently ease them in where I think they would be most useful.

And the writing groups? The crossword above constituted what would have been our April meeting prompt, and a few people responded. A few of us have learned how to use Zoom and have had a few trial runs. A “brainstorming meeting” is scheduled for later next week. We used to have such meetings in "real time, face to face" periodically before the days of isolation. I am also hoping to contact every member of the bigger group and see if we can arrange a virtual monthly meeting, but that will take some doing.

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