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The elephant in my writing room

Tuesday 31st March 2020 The elephant in the room—in my writing room—is taking up almost all my space. He is growing daily and sucking up my writing oxygen.

If I am quiet the elephant won’t notice me. I can creep into a corner and write for just a few minutes. If I don’t breathe too deeply, don’t even think of the languishing second draft of my novel, I can find tiny crumbs of creativity hidden away in corners of the room between the floor and the skirting board. If I am motionless he will not notice me. If I am still, I will manage to produce something.

Our small Scribblers critiquing group has now had two weeks of electronic critiquing. I have enjoyed keeping up with other people’s work but have struggled to provide the next section of mine. It has felt good to concentrate on a few pages of someone else’s work, to think hard and constructively but somehow the ability to do so for my own work, eludes me.

The electronic timed writing prompt used by Wyong Writers on Saturday created a sense of familiarity and routine. Participants appreciated having just 10 minutes of normality in their day. My response is above. For me, that 10 minutes was the most creative I have been able to be. None of us wrote anything wonderful, but for 10 minutes the Covid elephant shrunk and we wrote.

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