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The Easter Challenge

Tuesday 14th April 2020

During this past week, I mostly allowed the elephant’s takeover bid for

my space. I expect the coming weeks will see the occasional tussle from me as I try to work around this huge bulk, and sometimes he

will win.

A chance comment on social media from a friend about how we all “make up our own story”, brought a string of emojis from me. And from there, it was a short hop to creating the basis for the “emoji challenge”. That is a 500 word story using a set of five emojis: one character, one animal, one setting, one obstacle, one thing thrown in for fun. I explained to a writing friend and asked her to send me such a list in order for me to be a guinea pig. I received six.


Having established that this works, I then chose another five emojis and emailed the new challenge to all of Wyong Writers. I wait to see who has written what over Easter.

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