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Poetry week

18th February 2020

Writing this week has involved much work on the sonnet, which is the form required for the in-house competition set by my group. This came about because our outside judge felt it was too difficult when we set themed poems and she ended up judging haiku against bush poems against free verse …etc. All quite understandable on the part of the judge.

As a result of which, four of us brought sonnets to the critiquing session. I have to admit sheer panic at the outset. Such tight parameters. I hate writing in rhyme. I spent much time in fruitless search just in case there existed such a thing as a non-rhyming sonnet. Of course no such animal does exist, but the search was interesting and I learned heaps. I have a new-found respect for this this art form.

This is my order of doing things:

Decide your sonnet form ( I limited mine to Petrarchan or Shakespearean)

Decide your theme

Lay out your argument

Decide your change

Decide your ending

Tap our your iambic pentameters

Make it rhyme.

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