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Love Lanes Festival

Tuesday 10th March

An exciting week. The Visitor Information Centre at The Entrance have received a follow up visit from a very satisfied customer who wanted them to know that she was new to the area and that our book of short stories had given her lots of inspiration and that she was recommending it to all her friends. Gosh that sort of promotion is gold!

The Love Lane Festival on Friday evening was a success. We, Wyong Writers, are new to this festival going thing and had a borrowed gazebo (thank you, Toowoon Surf Life Saving Club) three people, (many thanks to Veronica O'Brien and Elizabeth McVie), one table with copies of our anthology for sale and information about Wyong Writers. I also had copies of both Pelican Bay and Grace for sale. One excited lady told me she had just read the COAST article about me and really wanted to buy a copy of the book since she worked with disabilities.

No reply from schools, re author talks. I need to cast my net wider.

And not forgetting my WIP the second draft of Seth. Another few sections of sub plots woven in. I am now up to chapter 24 of 27 so will probably have to go over it yet again to get all my sub plots in early enough!

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