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Tuesday 17th March

What a week! It started so well. I read the wonderful book, How to Write your Blockbuster by Fiona Mackintosh—which was based on understanding the commercial fiction market and being utterly unwavering in writing specifically to it. Then the following day, my book club meeting discussed Judy Nunn’s book, Khaki Town—a true piece of commercial fiction. I found myself analysing it in a new way.

I also met with fellow writer, Olga Segal, for a networking lunch. I wanted to know what she did to market her books. If I have understood her correctly, for her it is the use of Facebook and growing her subscription list.

Thus far I have avoided mentioning COVID19, but it has now impacted my life—including my writing life. I have, sadly felt it necessary to cancel the monthly Wyong Writers meeting, and a meeting with a journalist, along with several other non-writerly things. Our Monday Scribblers group met, albeit a smaller group than normal. One member was social distancing. We sat, spaced out in the conservatory, but I think by Monday of next week people will not be willing to meet. Indeed I have sadly made the decision to stop travelling to Sydney—hardly essential—and have put my gym membership on hold, and am currently working on ways of staying fit during all this. I have however written one short story based the virus which is commanding all our lives at the moment.

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