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Book Marketing week

25th February 2020

Much of this week has been concerned with book marketing, during which together with some writing friends, I attended a talk given by Jason K Foster at Erina library. Although Jason has been published by a few different traditional publishers, most of the audience had been self-published. I was not entirely surprised to find that the finding of a "right fit audience” seems to be the basic key shape from which the additional shapes need to be carved. I was more surprised to find that Jason, with 9 books under his belt and a ready made teenage readership, also finds he must spend many hours on this aspect of writing, which of course in today's world necessitates much use of social media relevant to his particular audience. Note to self: absolutely have to get on top of this.

Rolling on to Saturday and Wyong Writers monthly meeting. We also discussed marketing with special reference to our anthology Community and Belonging stories of the Central Coast – published just three months ago. We combed through a plan set for us by Nicole Evans, allocated jobs in the hopes of reaching a wider audience.

And for myself? I am hoping that Grace might be a useful book for schools with reference to bullying and have sent an email to Bullying No Way which is managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group.

Over the weekend I networked with teacher friends in the hopes that once I have a package to offer besides the actual book, I can submit this to schools.

Finally, my work in progress – Seth – I have begun the laborious process of rewriting scenes from subplots which will be inserted earlier in novel. So far one page has been written and critiqued.

A productive writing week.

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