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And we can have five

That writing is an activity which takes place in isolation is universally known. Writers generally enjoy meeting other writers for all sorts of purposes. Meeting on platforms such as Zoom have been a distinct improvement on emails only, but like all other communities, we have missed seeing real people.

Since the lifting of restrictions to allow five people to visit a house, my critiquing group has met to read and has given feedback on each another’s work. We appreciated bouncing ideas which doesn’t happen as well when people are viewing screens.

In case anyone is wondering what has happened to the elephant, he has continued to shrink and now simply sits morosely at my side, interjecting a mournful comment every now and again. I am hoping time will come when he shrivels to the size of a desk ornament, where he can be placed among the pens, pencils and paper clips as a reminder of difficult times.

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