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Tuesday 13th July

Yes, our small critiquing group has met face to face but we have not yet had a monthly meeting with all the members. This is altogether a bigger challenge. The council, from whom we hire the hall, has finally sanctioned this. But the timing. Oh dear, just as Victoria is showing us that maybe it isn't as safe out there as we thought. However we are ready to go in 12 days time. Should the Covid situation worsen significantly we will run back into our shells and meet via Zoom again.

With my own work, feedback from more beta readers arrives. Revisions continue.They are so much less exciting to write than the original mad rush of making the story, of weaving characters out of air, creating their world filling it with their desires. On the other hand there is something satisfying about re-writing a piece that doesn't quite work. I feel like a metalworker hammering a misshapen vessel into a different shape.

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Tuesday 30th June

Our options will, for many months have been dictated by the number of Covid cases in our state or locality, and will continue to be so for many months to come. Here, many restrictions are relaxed, but it behoves us to remain careful.

My book club has been able to meet in person. Stimulating discussion about real books is food for the writer’s soul. At every point we are reminded of what readers like, what they find irritating. We are also reminded that, not only some books, but also some aspects of books can be loved by some readers and hated by others.

My own writing continues as I receive feedback on Seth from beta readers. Plot holes, however tiny, are plugged. Ambiguities, not guessed at, are being straightened out. The whole is being viewed again with different eyes.

My main writing group, Wyong Writers, usually hires a hall from the council. As of July they will be hiring out again, but we must do Covid-specific record keeping, hand sanitisation, cleaning and social distancing. For our June meeting we used Zoom again this time with three visitors. We introduced ourselves to talk about our general writing and current writing projects. We also made time for a quick three-way talk on Point of View.

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  • meilingvenning

As Australia opens up, many seem to rush headlong back into their old lives. Shopping centres are full of people who seem as if three months of isolation have not existed. Others still hide inside their houses, venturing out to exercise and shop for necessities. I learn of writers stunned by the whole experience, unable to write a word, and others galvanised into action by the enforced solitude.

My writing output has been directed by the growth and shrinkage of the elephant who occupies my writing space, by the need to keep going, keep writing, even if most of it is not going to be of any use in the long run.

Our small critiquing group has again met face to face, but our larger monthly meeting will almost certainly still be using the platform Zoom since we hire our meeting space from the council, who are not yet sure how they will move forward.

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